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Emergency Light

Emergency light EML-SP 12-5

       Emergency light EML-SP 12-5 Auto Power Reserve When a power failure occurs From power failure, the emergency light
will illuminate immediately. Lighting from emergency lamps will not reduce the level of light. For up to 5 hours of usage, Emergency light have two-steps voltage charging for help preserve the battery for longer use. Is a dry battery No need to add distilled water throughout the lifetime.

Specification MODEL : EML-SP 12-5

Mode of operation Non-Maintained
Input Voltage AC 220 Volt 50Hz
Lamp LED 2x7W ( Constant Power )
Battery Sealed lead acid battery
Battery size 12 Volt 5 Ah
Back up time 3 hours ( in 12 month )
Battery charging method Two-steps voltage charging
Charging current Limits current 450mA
Charging time 12-18 Hrs.
Construction Electro galvanized steel case epoxy power coated
Protection AC. Fuse, DC. Fuse, Low voltage cut off to prevent battery over discharge
Indicators LED MAIN,
Switch Push button ON / OFF control lamp ( Emergency only )
Manual test Push button Switch TEST
Weight 3.95 kg